The 2022 USRowing Indoor National Championships  &  C.R.A.S.H.-B’s Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships were held virtually on February 13th. AWL rowing regularly attends these events which are typically held in person, but competed virtually due to COVID-19.

Congratulations to AWL IDROWERS & AWL VETERAN LEADERS (Active Duty & Retired) who together had 31 entries resulting in 16 gold, 11 silver, 8 bronze and 16 National Championships!  The most team entries of over 1,000 athletes, 266 clubs and 19 countries!

2022 USRowing Indoor National Champions from AWL Rowing:

  • Cole Hundelt -M U23 PR3(II)
  • Isaiah Codden, USMC -M U23 PR3(PI)
  • Brendan Cizek, USMC -LM U23 PR3(PI)
  • Luke Arnold, M U23 PR3(RA)
  • Christine Lucier, USAF -LW PR3(PI)
  • Raina Stroman, USAF -W PR3(PI)
  • Paul Hurley, USN M PR3(AK)
  • John Spavelko, USMC -LM PR3(PI)
  • Wesley Pincince, USMC -M PR3(PI)
  • Justin Boatner -LM PR3(RA)
  • Declan Brown -M U19 PR3(RA)
  • Jason Smith, USA -M AA-K PR2
  • Jesse Garcia -LM AA-K PR3(II)
  • Mark Worley -M A-KK PR3(II)
  • David Snypes Jr., USA -M AA-K PR3(SA)
  • Joel Meredith, USA -LM AA-K PR3(PI)
  • Jeff Boldt, USA -M AA-K PR3(PI)


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